Leadership Team


The Leadership Team




Sylvia Scurr – Deacon - Secretary

Sylvia has been a member of Bradninch Baptist Church for over 30 years and seen the church through its challenges and celebrations of life. When Sylvia first came to Bradninch she was involved with the Girls 'Brigade Company and took over as Captain in 1981, through this work the Girls Brigrade have touched the lives of many girls in Bradninch. Sylvia is also involved with childrens work.



Adie Banner - Deacon – Youth leader

Adie has lived in Bradninch since Christmas 2014 with my wife Catherine and son who entered the world in the summer of 2016, with Max the Dog completing our family.  They have found Bradninch Baptist Church (BBC) to be a warm and welcoming, community loving church.  Quickly feeling part of the church family they settled in easily.  Adie has restarted and now leads the churches youth group, now known as BBY, currently a small but brilliant group of youth, who are fun and energetic, creating a fun environment that is great to be part of. Along with Catherine, Adie has started a house group which encourages honest and frank discussions about Jesus and world issues.  Adie is committed to serve and share the love Jesus in my community, with neighbours, friends and family and is excited to see what plans God has set before him and his family.  



Jeannette Vile - Deacon

Jeanette is a long serving member of the Church, who has always enjoyed being involved with Junior Church. Jeanette is married to Stev, with their grown up son, Tim having fled the nest and now living in London.  However their black Labrador Bella is still at home to welcome them home.  An integral member of the Church, Jeanette's sound organisation skills are put to great use as the church administrator. Her faith is deep rooted in her day to day work with families and is often on hand to offer guidance. Jeanette also leads the Home Group "Seekers".



Liz Williams – Deacon – Youth Volunteer

Roman Catholic raised, Liz is a mum to 5 boys so used to a busy home, and is a wonderful asset to the church helping with activities and duties and generally welcoming people into our family.  Liz is full of energy and passion for all  to know the good news of Jesus Christ  . Even when she’s not on official church duty her friendly and caring demeanour shines through to make you feel at ease.



Annie Coombes - Deacon

Before moving to Bradninch Annie had never had the chance to settle in any one place for very long.  However, she has now been in Bradninch for over thirty years and doesn’t want to leave, loving the people and community.  

Annie has always had a faith of sorts and followed the usual path of weddings, Christmas and occasional Sundays.  Then one day a friend invited me to an Alpha Course and that was the beginning of a wonderful experience of having Jesus in my life.  I was baptised in the River Exe in July 1997 and immediately felt I was a 'Born Again Christian'.

I have four wonderful children, three daughters and a son, who have witnessed the many blessings that have come to me because I took that amazing step.  I tried several different churches before finding my home at the Bradninch Baptist Church.  It truly is like one big family where we all care about each other.  The services tend to be informal and show what being a Christian in today's world means.  I believe we are a growing church and although we welcome people of all ages we especially love to see young families joining us.  We want to share with everyone the love of our Lord.



Elizabeth Pope - Treasurer

Elizabeth Pope has recently taken over as treasurer from Jeannette. Her expertise is greatly appreciated by all the Church Members.  The Baptist Church holds a special place in Elizabeth’s heart having attended since childhood and recently had her wedding there. It was a beautiful family day for Elizabeth and Julian and the Church was blessed to be part of it.