Bradninch Baptist Church believes in the importance of mission. This can be at home here in the United Kingdom and in the streets of our own town but we are pleased to share with you  our missionary connections from further afield.

The Friends of Kianjai Kenya (FKK), continues as a registered charity under the guidance of Sally Livsey and her friend, Caroline Newton. We are blessed to have a Bradninch based charity to support and that we are able to have regular updates from Sally. She is going to the project this week  and will be able to see for herself the progress being made with the new projects in progress.  This year they are enabling disabled children with some exciting projects. See www.friendsofkianjai.com

 Initially support was given to the Community through a period of drought. Since then there has been a focus on providing funding to help many youngsters complete their education and there are plans to provide a residential care centre for children with learning difficulties in the area and to support their families, as well as a water supply for the local polytechnic. However, a further drought and crop failure has meant that funds have had to be diverted for this. James and Dawn were privledged to have visited Kianjai in the early days of this project in February 2012. They travelled with Caroline and were able to present tools and equipment to the Polytechnic and the school . James and Dawn were humbled by the welcome they received and the thanks from the hardworking and grateful committee of people running their own project.


 The BMS missionary who we support, Laura-Lee Lovering continues in a town called Nauta  near  Iquitos in the Amazonian jungle of Peru. Iquitos is reputedly the largest city in the world inaccessible by road, the only realistic form of transport being by boat on the waterways leading down to the Amazon. We were pleased to welcome her to our service in July and hear about the work that is being done there, not to mention all the mosquitos! Her time is spent principally with a Training Centre equipping pastors from the region so that they can be God's hands in their remote jungle communities.  She gives thanks that, with the sudden onset of appendicitis in May, she was in the right place at the right time to receive the necessary treatment.  She asks for prayer for their Training Centre, that it will continue to be effective and for its ongoing management and future; also for Harland and Gill, the long term BMS missionaries there , who after 6 years have now returned to the UK with their family, that they will resettle and find the right path for their continuing service.

Mandy and Allicia Fullerton held a clothes swap evening in Bradninch and raised £100 for Laura's project. This money will go towards replacing a much needed boat to get around the area. Thank you Mandy and Allicia, you will probably never know of the good you have done but your Heavenly Father does!

We have recently welcomed Catherine and Adie Banner to Bradninch.  Catherine is a children's nurse and Adie is in the Navy but currently land based.  Catherine spent 2 years working at an orphanage in rural China for the Charity  'International China Concern' and we were pleased in September to participate in 'Walk the Wall', a global annual event requiring a 10km walk locally to raise funds for the Charity.  Our walk took us around the Roman wall of Exeter (plus an extension along the canal to make up the distance) and thanks largely to the enthusiasm of our younger walkers a good sum of money was raised.

Since then Catherine has had the opportunity to revisit the orphanage and reports on an improvement in the conditions of the children who have been abandoned there. It seems the Government has at last started to pay some attention to the more disadvantaged in the country and is providing medical help.

Our friends Charlie and Rachel Stockley, previously from Silverton (Rachel worked at the Duchy School for some time) have been working for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) in Arnhemland, North Australia for the last 5 years with their 4 children. They are now due to return to the UK in 2016 and we need to pray that they can find their feet back here and that God has great plans for their future.

More locally the Church supports CHAT the Tiverton based charity  Churches Housing Action Trust. They provide a wide range of facilites , including a food bank and also help and advice for those needing housing.